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An amazing story of love, purpose and strength.

haydenandskyeHayden and Adrian have known each other since childhood, grew up in Shiloh Church together.  His mother has been in the Hatfield’s (Hayden’s maiden name) friend/family circle from church for several years.  They would see each other when he came home for visits because she and his middle brother hung out together. One Sunday night at dinner after church, 2 or 3 years ago, Hayden’s family joked about Adrian and his middle brother being single and that Hayden should date one of them because they’d take care of her.  Adrian was stationed in Texas at the time and called Hayden to catch up.  After she told him that story, he confessed his crush and she admitted having liked him for a while as well.  Their love grew for each other over a long distance relationship while Adrian was stationed in Korea.  He proposed on May 5, 2017, and they married on June 9, 2018.

Hayden graduated from Auburn last December with a degree in Psychology. While she was there, Be The Match was set up on campus.  Be The Match is a national registry of volunteer bone marrow donors based in Minnesota.  Since she had donated blood and platelets in the past, she decided to register with them.   She knew it would be a minute chance of being a match for someone.

Todd and Talia Savren-McCormick live in Ventura, California and welcomed their baby girl Skye, in March of 2015.  Skye developed several illnesses throughout her first year of life, one of them being a rare childhood leukemia which led to her needing a bone marrow transplant.

Almost a year after signing up, Hayden got a call from Be The Match to tell her that she was a match for a baby girl.  She told us it really helped her find purpose with her life, because she was struggling with what she wanted to do and finding herself.  She non nonchalantly told us of the procedure for extracting bone marrow and we stared with our mouths open…to her it was no big deal.  I’m so thankful for people like her because I’m not so sure that I could do it.

Hayden’s bone marrow helped put Skye on the road to healing by producing healthy new blood cells.

Skye faced many battles after the transplant including loosing her spleen and developing lymphoma in her eyelid, neck and back.  Her mother described her as a hero and calls her Warrior Skye, when being interviewed by Dothan Eagle’s Peggy Ussery.

They had to remain anonymous for a year with Be The Match policies, so Hayden sent a letter through the organization to the family telling them how much helping their baby girl really helped her.  Hayden really wanted to meet the baby girl she was able to help and when she was able to learn her identity, she communicated through email, phone calls, and facebook.  For Skye’s birthday, Hayden sent a present along with an invitation for Skye to be her flower girl.  She told us that she really didn’t think they’d be able to come given Skye’s condition.

A few weeks before the wedding, the doctors cleared Skye to come to Alabama.

Mark and I had no idea that Hayden had done such a thing!  We met with her and her mother prior to her wedding and she told us the story.  We were blown away and I had instant tears.  We hope you enjoy the photos, for they tell a wonderful story.



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It also aired on ABC World News “America Strong” with David Muir.

Hayden gave Skye a pearl bracelet with a little heart that has her name on it.  So precious!

Skye SkyeDad seeing her for the first time dressed as a bride.


And this is why I love this family so much! lol!  Hayden is named after Hayden Shelby in “Steel Magnolias”.  Lesa really shot the gun, but no birds.  You can see the girls’ reaction.  lol!

Lesa Hatfield lesa hatfield bridesmaids

Hayden bridesmaids and skye

Skye is introduced to gnats…

Hayden and Skye Hayden and skye

Hayden’s trying to swat them out of her face…I don’t think they have gnats in Cali.hayden and skye hayden and skye hayden and skye

hayden hayden and adrian groomsmenhayden and skye todd tavia skye

Rainy wedding day.

hayden and dad skye flower girl hayden and dad

hayden ceremony skye flower girl hayden ceremony

hayden and skye wedding party

haden and adrian

Reception was in her parent’s back yard.backyard wedding

They did an entrance to their reception…

hayden and adrian

wedding cake first dance first dance




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3 Responses to Hayden and Adrian and Skye | Wedding | Heroes and a Warrior | Hartford, Al.

  1. Tonja Lewis says:

    This by far the sweetest, kindest, most unselfish act I have seen in awhile.. Something that is amiss in today’s world, daily joy.. :-). especially after reading and seeing bad news in media, this is beautiful news.. Blessings to all involved, and keep fighting, little Warrior. 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    Thank you for selflessly giving of yourself to help someone else. You’ve helped to restore faith in humanity.

  3. Pat Alfuson says:

    VERY touching. My sister is a childhood cancer survivor also. She ‘got sick’ the day after her 1st b’day in 1960. Got worse and worse. Drs had no idea what was the matter. Numerous diagnosis results but just got sicker and sicker. Went to numerous hospitals and wound up in Columbia Presbyterian (NYC). Insurance ran out. As a result, Dad had to work, NO exaggeration, 3 jobs. My siblings and I never got to see her, as were all under the age of 16. Finally, a week before her 3rd b’day, one doctor noticed something on a routine x-ray. They decided to do surgery. They allowed her to come home for the b’day event. It was the first time she ever recalled not being in the hospital. Met her brothers & sister as well as next-door cousins for the party. The next day, she went back to the hospital. Day after the surgery was performed. Turns out it was a tumor on her adrenal gland! The surgery went well. Other than a twist in her spine due to 3 ribs being removed she has been fine ever since!!! During that time, and following, she was a subplot on both the Dr. Kildare & Ben Casey TV Shows as well as a minor plot on the soap opera – General Hospital. wish this girl much luck and happiness in the years to come.

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